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Forwarding a DID with number translations
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We are unable to apply any call forwarding (unconditional, busy, or delayed) on a DID, only on the pilot (SIP Trunk) number, but this will forward all of the DID's on the SIP Trunk.


Any DID forwarding should be completed on the PBX, but sometimes our customers are unable to update themselves.


Below are a few options that customers can use to apply the forwarding through ThinkTel


If you are wanting to forward a specific DID to another DID on your PBX you can complete this by changing the translated number.


Note: Applying a translation on a number will only work if both the numbers are on your PBX. The translated number doesn't have to be with ThinkTel, can be with another provider. It just has to be in your PBX's dial plan. What happens is when the call reaches our switch, it will detect that there is a number translation and we will override the caller ID when we send the call to you, so as far as your system will be concerned the call was sent to the translated number and your system will route accordingly.


To Enable or Disable a Translated number through you have to...

1.      Open uControl

2.      Click on the blue "Services" Tab, then click "Numbers"

3.      Enter the number in the search or locate it in the list of all your numbers.

4.      Click the "Edit" button beside the number you want to be translated

5.      In the Translated Number field.
a. Add a number to forward calls to
b. remove the number if you no longer want calls forwarded

6.      Click Save.


Click Management-->Dashboard to return to the main screen.


If you are wanting to forward specific DID's to a unique offnet (Not on your PBX) destinations you have 2 options.

1.      Convert the DID to a Permanent Call Forwarding (PCF) line, please consult your sales team for pricing. You can send this request to our Orders group via email at [email protected] They can also be reached at 8669284465 Option 4 or 611 from your ThinkTel phone.

2.      Apply SureCall(Unavailable Call Forwarding) and return a SIP response to trigger SureCall as listed here


The easiest way is to have your system automatically return a SIP:404 Not Found. There are 2 ways to complete this.

1.      Remove the number from your PBX's dial plan.

2.      Update the translated number to a non-working number. This option is completed via uControl(as Outlined above), update the translated number to a number not on your PBX/SIP Trunk. I.e. 4035556008 (555 is an invalid NXX used by the movie industry)

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